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Benefits of seller app using online marketplace script

The seller app or store app applies for all the sellers in an online shopping cart or the multi vendor clone script. This app elevates an online marketplace to the next level, with the key why not an absolute medium for the sellers to purchase products. An exclusive merchant can able to sell products to the bunch of sellers in the website.

Here we go with the features in the exclusive seller app as Fantacy Add-on,
  • Coupons for the sellers to avail discount in product purchase.
  • Homepage to view the products posted for sale
  • Search tab to browse the products of your need
  • Collections to retrieve the saved products
  • Cart option, shipping address and my orders for the sellers too
  • Individual profile for the sellers in seller app too
  • Alerts, sign-up, login to get into the seller based medium.
Check out the demo to explore more features:

You can reach or write us to:

AppKodes- product portal hub powered by Hitasoft Technology Solutions, happy to announce the release of Seller or Store app for your online marketplace script and online shopping cart. The seller app is exclusively designed for the sellers in an online multi vendor marketplace. An advanced app only for the sellers to purchase products from an absolute platform.


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