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Appkodes Releases its Fancy Ecommerce Platform - Fantacy Upgrade from Version 3.1.1 to 4.0

Reclassify the course for managed accomplishment every once in a while business upgradation. As we all realize that the gig economy has demonstrated quick development in the previous years. Thus, Appkodes regularly comes up with the critical updates for its own Fantacy product. This guarantees all first-time business visionaries to exceed expectations in the fancy industry all the times.
This upgrade totally brings some relief from the issue that gives inconveniences at times. We acquire more precision in using the integrated modules easily. Too, we evade all challenges in accessing the fancy site from the business' promotion favor's point of view.
Gear up all new advancements like UI, daily deals, banner, product selfies, contact seller, feeds, #hashtags, to name a few along to your fancy business take the competitive advantage to stay put your unique place in this industry.
Below are the updated features in the new version :
UI Revolution : Fantacy was completely redesigned in…

Restyle Your Online Fashion Ecommerce Website With New Features Updated from Fantacy Script

Zeal onlinepreneur who wants to take e-commerce to next level on launching an exclusive eCommerce for seasonal apparel. Just ensure the marketplace is unique alike its type. 

How can that be designed uniquely? Simple you can play with the categories like you can categorize all the occasions and season types as categories.

Browsable interfaces on web and apps:

User interface of apps and website on Fantacy system is as easy as kids playing a angry birds game in the mobile phone. Fantacy focuses more details on the productrather than any unwanted details. Kids would easily browse the items and mark them to the wish list to show them later to their parents. The apps are developed with the lightweight interface where browsing and buying made fund along with the social activities. The parents and kids can comment about the products and they can share it for reviews and suggestions on their social media to get more opinions before they buy.

Fashion for Seasonal Apparels:

So if you are a zeal onl…

Get Venture into ecommerce business confidently with Fancy clone

Many of us came across vast range of ecommerce clone scripts to start our very own online business. Establishing the online business website from the niche is obviously the big deal for many of them who is new to coding as well as to the ecommerce. Hence to bridge the difficulty gap for the newbies, fancy clone script are boon to them. All they need to pick the right clone script which correlates to their industry. Fancy clone Script is a well famed multi vendor online shopping cart script. It lets your users to share gifts, group gifts to their friends and beloved ones. Coupons for the users to avail discount while they checkout a product. Since its a multi vendor marketplace it’s a right choice for the one who is new to online business. Multi vendor lets new seller to get more tenurity and strategy to manage products on inventory control and to explore more features and functionality for an user friendly online shopping cart .

To whom will fancy clone is? For the business people wh…

Online Trends Fantacy Clone | Smart Ecommerce Business

Online shopping was a boon today, in most of the times people won’t believe online products and online payment. But now it creates a tremendous change in the shopping world and the online shopping was completely powered by fancy clone.  

Fancy clone script

~ A fancy clone script allows you to go through the various products with wide ranges from the comfort of your home and you can purchase the desired products within a just one click.

~ Ecommerce business script possesses superior and effectual functionalities like market research management, graphics etc… assisting the developers to design advanced websites effectively. With fancy clone, you can also have the advantage of using forums, photos, event calendars and videos in your website.

~ Along with this the script is based upon multi-user functionality makes it exceptionally useful if you are creating a website for the endeavour client.

Best and simple for start-up

~ Most of the entrepreneurs spend more time with physical challenges an…

Understanding the Background of Best Fantacy Clone Script

Modernization is rising in each and every thing humans usually go on with their habitual life. Throughout the world Wide the innovation is in diverse level with much stuff like online shopping online dating, food ordering system etc., which lift up the economy level of online market place on the same hand various ecommerce scripts have emerged and the features are inherited from the needs of users. Fantacy clone Fantacy will robust to any type of commerce due to several features and functionality. And it is social multi vendor script for users to have a look on product depends upon the shopping strategies and trends.    Fantacy clone will give the choice of various products which is similar to seller and buyer concept. There are various clone scripts for buy sell online business.

Best Fantacy clone scripts To be the first for Fantacy clone script is user-friendly marketplace. Using this ecommerce script the user can bring the shopping trends on handy. The social ecommerce script brings th…

How about a social eCommerce script for your online marketplace

We all may came across multiple suggestions from many mentor to launch your eCommerce script. We will be in a complete dilemma to pick the right solution which fits to us for a long term ebusiness journey. The basic foundation you have to keep in mind before launching any type of online business is, it should be user-friendly. To be more crisper your website should be easily accessible and legible to understand what’s there in the website to surf and search for the new visitors or users. In that note to make an online marketplace to be more user-friendly, social eCommerce script can help you to design your online multi-vendor marketplace or an online shopping cart to be more powerful on factors like user-friendly, usability and stability. Take a look at the features which constructs your online website to be the one among the best online shopping cart, Social login integration for the time concerned visitors to get access into website your instantly. Skip all the outdated time spending s…

How to prepare online shopping cart script for your business

The system of online business was in trend after the internet has became as mass famous and until the world running with the online world there is always a unique space for your business to launch at anytime. Act as shopping tool The online shopping cart is eventually acted as tool which is a piece of ecommerce script in online marketing which let users to shop their desires and needs for ultimate purpose. In addition the online shopping cartis shopping basket be full of all products whichever humans frequently search and also recent trend items too which connects the complete feel of purchase on single dashboard. Flow process of shopping cart The online shopping cart script is work on the base ecommerce script, a software product which is in the form saas (software as a service) and the software let online shopping customers to amass a list of items for purchase, depicted figuratively as consign items in the shopping cart with complete product info or easy way of simply option to click “a…