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6 Tips to speed up your E-Commerce Script Website

The important Aspect for an Online Ecommerce Script site is the speed.  Everyone has experienced the following situation at least once: you are on a slow site, waiting and waiting for the page to load. The issue of page speed is often neglected. This makes the peoples get frustrated and you leave the website, hoping to have better luck finding what you were looking for on another, faster website.
When it comes to Ecommerce script basically we know that page speed affects the satisfaction of visitors and that Google made it an official ranking signal in 2010. So it makes sense to deal with the subject in order to make use of the full potential. The faster the better.
How to optimize Page Speed
1. Image size
Images play a Vital role in the optimization process. Modern E-Commerce Script websites often use large and high-resolution images. This may cause the page speed. Using compression and choosing a suitable file format can have a big impact not only on file size but page speed. So it can make quite a difference whether a PNG, GIF or JPG image file is used.
2. File size
The file size and thus loading time can not be reduced as similar to images. The Source code must be clean, free of useless characters, empty spaces, and comments. JavaScript and Embedded CSS files should also be compressed and merged in E-Commerce Script sites.
3. Avoid redirects
The Redirects request for results to the server, this increases the time to load a page. A relaunch, for example, can lead to the use of redirects. So, redirects should be checked regularly to find out if some of them are unnecessary and can be avoided. Chains of redirects should be avoided.
4. Use browser caching
The Cache memory in a browser is used to store a retrieved E-Commerce Script website. Resulting in a reduction of the time to load if the website is visited again. In order to benefit from this, you should enable browser caching for your website. Otherwise, the browser will request all the data again from the server on the next visit.
5. GZIP compression
GZIP provides a server-side way to compress your website data. GZIP is particularly suitable for text-based files of an E-Commerce Script website (HTML, CSS, JavaScript). Compression makes the files smaller and the loading times faster.
6. Hosting
When it comes to loading times and page speed the hosting provider plays a very important part. Because even a perfectly programmed and optimized website will perform badly when hosted on a slow server.


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