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Appkodes Releases its Fancy Ecommerce Platform - Fantacy Upgrade from Version 3.1.1 to 4.0

Reclassify the course for managed accomplishment every once in a while business upgradation. As we all realize that the gig economy has demonstrated quick development in the previous years. Thus, Appkodes regularly comes up with the critical updates for its own Fantacy product. This guarantees all first-time business visionaries to exceed expectations in the fancy industry all the times.

This upgrade totally brings some relief from the issue that gives inconveniences at times. We acquire more precision in using the integrated modules easily. Too, we evade all challenges in accessing the fancy site from the business' promotion favor's point of view.

Gear up all new advancements like UI, daily deals, banner, product selfies, contact seller, feeds, #hashtags, to name a few along to your fancy business take the competitive advantage to stay put your unique place in this industry.

Below are the updated features in the new version :

UI Revolution : Fantacy was completely redesigned into very cool and attractive look which showcases the users that it is not just an e-commerce but also socially integrated e-commerce script.

Merchant Portal : Fantacy is now streamlined much better into a merchant portal for merchants and sellers. The Merchant Portal provides a vast variety of features and functionalities to the merchants which helps in managing and interacting with users.

Daily Deals : Daily deals are the most widely used e-commerce feature which helps all the sellers and merchants to provide deals on a specific product which they wish to offer.

Product Selfie : Products selfie feature is available to the buyers to upload the photos of the product they receive. This is visible to the sellers, buyers and the users which makes the merchants and products most trustable.

Coupon Codes & Cart Reminders : Merchants may avail offers by using three types of coupon codes namely item, cart, and category to the buyers and users. Cart reminders help the sellers to get notified about the product which has been for a while in any user’s cart. This makes Seller to provide offers for the corresponding product to the corresponding user.

Shipping Rules : Merchants may assign shipping rules in favor of their own wish and may provide free shipping charges to the users only if it was purchased at a certain price. Also, free shipping can be provided by using merchants prefered postal codes.

MailChimp Integration : Newsletters, promotional emails, offer announcements are the better ways to increase sales. MailChimp is integrated with the script to avail sellers with sending of bulk emails at once.

Braintree Payment : Payment has been upgraded from Paypal to Braintree which helps sellers, buyers, and merchants to make transaction even better with multiple currency options.

Obviously, the nonstop change increases the opportunity to be the top of the fancy economy. Get every improved features and facilities to your fancy like site. Stay up-to-date with the latest your fancy platform with the Appkodes' most current Fantacy product update from older version v3.1.1 to fresher version v4.0.

Grab our valuable Fantacy updated version immediately to nail down the success at a faster pace.

To learn more about the Updates, Mobile Apps, or any other queries, send an email to, or visit the website at :


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