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How about a social eCommerce script for your online marketplace

Fantacy features

We all may came across multiple suggestions from many mentor to launch your eCommerce script. We will be in a complete dilemma to pick the right solution which fits to us for a long term ebusiness journey. The basic foundation you have to keep in mind before launching any type of online business is, it should be user-friendly. To be more crisper your website should be easily accessible and legible to understand what’s there in the website to surf and search for the new visitors or users.
In that note to make an online marketplace to be more user-friendly, social eCommerce script can help you to design your online multi-vendor marketplace or an online shopping cart to be more powerful on factors like user-friendly, usability and stability.
Take a look at the features which constructs your online website to be the one among the best online shopping cart,
  • Social login integration for the time concerned visitors to get access into website your instantly. Skip all the outdated time spending signup forms which really a boring task for the new visitors, just to view what’s in your website.
  • Static search bar for the users to search for products anywhere in the website. With advanced search options for the users to look for the products color, price and category. You can also search for the products based on recommendations also with the filters to fetch products accurately.
  • Gift card to avail sending gifts to their beloved one, those gift cards can be used by the recipient to buy items.
  • Group gifts, for group of members who wish to gift their special as gang on a special occasion. Members can contribute amount for the selected gift once the amount value reaches the target you can the groupgift it to the recipient.
  • Social media trends like @users to mention people into the website and #tags to find the curious and hot topics over the website.
  • Near me, enable geo location tracker for the users to find the products nearer to their locality and surrounding.
  • Save option to like your favourite products as a collection to retrieve it back. Like wish list to save products for future purchase.
  • Coupons to avail discount for the buyers while checking out products from the cart. Coupons can be availed with the various range of pricing as well.
  • Shipping maintenance module for the sellers to manage their shipment process and to fix the shipping charge on each product they add for different shipping locations.
  • Dispute management through which Buyers can rise dispute on products if they found any flaws on it.
  • Notifications to receive notifications on the happenings of the website and news feeds to update status.
  • Buyers can also upload their images with the product they have bought through the User fashion functionality. And the better option to showcase products is to upload its video hence Fantacy has the option to upload product videos.

So with this constructive Advanced social eCommerce website it complements each and every features for the seller, buyer and admin for the best online selling and buying experience.


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