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Feature-rich Social E-commerce Script Now Available On Offer Price

An online shopping store is a one-stop solution for all people needs. Want fashion accessories, need a furniture, footwear, books, electronics? all will be available there. But all it requires to satisfy the users is, it should have got an easy navigation, feature-rich, and most importantly very secure. As the online world is vulnerable to many threats.

Then, with every possible way, shopping websites was enhanced but lacked interaction. So there came the addition of social features not only to help in logins but also in many different ways.

So down here let’s see the very essential attributes of a social E-commerce script.

Cross-platform/ Mobile app

Studies are revealing that one in three purchase is completed on mobile. So it is very essential to make your website optimized for the best look on mobiles. Or the other way is better to build a mobile app.

Ease of Use

3 out of 4 users on an online shopping website say the important aspect of a website is its design. Design of the website is important in holding the users or let them go. So the thing is, be clear and good in design that should provide users and redirect exactly where and what they want.

Describe as much as possible

On early days a photo with just a description was enough for sale. But now to gain the trust of buyers sellers are exploring all possible ways to showcase their products in the best way. So provide multiple high-resolution photos and if possible even videos. If you couldn’t do both allot a good space for writing the specs and all about it.


Having multiple categories and placing the right products under the right categories aren’t just enough. You must also have individual sections for deals of the day, best offers, brand-wise offer. This will intrigue the buyers.

Related items

Having a wishlist might work in favor for both users and you. But make full use of user search history and products in his wishlist. And suggest products as you may like. This might create the curiosity to buy and can increase your revenue.

Build trust

As said above, social features on an e-commerce app have got multiple pros. Like, sellers having a social profile linked to their every post let the buyers view their brand profile and everything about them. So this builds the trust and advocacy towards their brands.

Ensure security

And finally, but the important one is the security. A user will have entered some valuable and confidential credentials for transactions. So ensuring the security is must and foremost above all. So look out for HTTPS rather than HTTP, add two-factor authentication, etc all possible ways.

We will get you covered

So you have to consider all these above-mentioned factors before building your e-commerce website. And still are there are a lot more to consider. So you need to hassle about anything all you need to do is buy a readymade social e-commerce script - Fantacy and we will get you covered on all your ideas as per your wish. And the other good thing is this scripts’ ultimate package is available on 50% off from 1st to 31st of December. Act quickly to pounce on this crispy Christmas sale. Use This XMAS50 Coupon To Get 50% Offer.


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